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Affiliate office: Lagos, Nigeria

Frequently Asked Question!

Mytrusted is a company allied and affiliate platform.
Our vision is to bridge the gap between businesses
and consumers and to eradicate the rate of
scams and fake product or businesses.
So we took time to verify and list out legit products
and businesses that are good and reasonable.

Mytrusted go on tour in visit to this businesses and have verified  these  products from each of this companies. We sent statistical data to every customers and keep track of the product progress.

As you can see we link you to the verified business website to know more about the product before buying. The vendors of the product handles the payment flow with a secured payment gateway.

Yes every affiliate earns  when you are a registered mytrusted affiliate by owning an account with 

you will be assigned an affiliate link . with that link the company tracks the leads and traffic you generate to the website. you get paid for driving traffic to the website.

Expected minimum traffic: 5,000 traffic per month $26 dollars.

Payment is being sent to your registered financial details every 28th of every month(working days precisely) else shifted to next working day, if its on weekends. 

we pay to your:

(Bank transfer to African countries) ,Skrill, paypal, kuda, crypto wallet(btc, dogecoin, filecoin, etherium)

Yes all countries are supported, leads from any part of the world

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