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Why Mytrusted is the #1 Way to Earn Passive Income Online:

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Without Any Risks

You got everything to gain and nothing to lose! Mytrusted is a no-risk passive income system. The only cost you'll ever have is the Mytrusted's basic membership!

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Without Any Costs

An online business on average costs about $895 to start but Mytrusted will cost you almost nothing! The only cost you'll ever have is your Mytrusted membership. And that cost $5 dollars. But your are giving a 3days basic membership account. If not activated and verified, your account will be disabled.

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Full Training Inside

Mytrusted is the first ever passive income system that provides in-house training to its members! We got your back with the latest and best training coming from our top members!


Everything you’ll ever need to earn money is included in your Mytrusted membership, so you won’t have to waste your time.


New to the online business world and confused? or Has been in it for a while and not making enough money? No worries! Mytrusted works for everyone!


You won’t need to create sites, promote products or sell anything. All you need is your Mytrusted account! and getting traffic to the website. When people visit the website, you earn. And also additional bonus when you recruit people. Earning in two phase is sure. Base on your capability on which one you can.¬†

Get Paid Every Week!

Mytrusted is the only passive income system that pays every week! We will send your commissions directly to your bank account every Friday, as soon as it reaches the minimum as stated without any delays!

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